For the cost of a lunch you can put our
#1-TuffTEST-Pro PC diagnostic in your tool bag.

If it only finds one obscure hardware issue in a year, it is worth carrying it with you.

License a #1-TuffTEST-Pro and we'll send along a FREE license for our #1-TuffTEST - a great pre and post service certification tool.


PC Diagnostic for technicians & experienced end-users. Self-booting and operating system independent. #1-TuffTEST-Pro can be used to rigorously test and troubleshoot hard drives, floppy drives, all types of memory, serial & parallel ports, video displays, etc. [ more info ]

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PC Diagnostic for end-users. Self-booting & operating system independent. #1-TuffTEST can be used to quickly test your PC's basic hardware or report on its configuration. Can also be used to burn in a newly assembled, upgraded or repaired PC. [ more info ]

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#1-TuffTEST™ for Windows

Windows-based PC diagnostic for everyone. A perfect complement to our #1-TuffTEST products. Provides comprehensive system analysis reports, scripting for hardware tests, benchmark testing, stress testing for a newly assembled or repaired PC, etc. [ more info ]

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#1-TuffTEST-Lite is the "Free Download" version of our #1-TuffTEST Automatic PC Diagnostic product for end users. While some tests have been slightly limited in scope, as indicated in its Product Description, it is a fully functional Freeware PC diagnostic utility that has no time limit or restrictions on its use. [ more info ]

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