#1-TuffTEST-Pro Professional PC Diagnostics is a very powerful PC diagnostic "tool" that finally provides professional-level PC diagnostics at an affordable price! Since its introduction in 1984 it has been the overwhelming choice of the world's largest PC field service organizations. And now, thanks to the Internet, it is available to everyone. It rigorously tests memory, hard drives, floppy drives, serial & parallel ports, video, etc., and even "safely" repairs IDE and EIDE hard drives. [ more info ]


#1-TuffTEST Automatic PC Diagnostics for end-users is the first self-booting PC diagnostic software product that can "automatically" test a desktop PC's basic hardware. Each test session produces a simple PASS/FAIL report that can be saved and/or printed.  If automatic testing is not desired, its suite of 48 tests can be scripted and then run in single pass or continuous mode. [ more info ]


#1-TuffTEST-Lite is the "Free Download" version of our #1-TuffTEST Automatic PC Diagnostic product for end users. While some tests have been slightly limited in scope, as indicated in its Product Description, it is a fully functional Freeware PC diagnostic utility that has no time limit or restrictions on its use. [ more info ]

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#1-TuffTEST for Windows™

Windows-based PC diagnostic for everyone. A perfect complement to our #1-TuffTEST products. Provides comprehensive system analysis reports, scripting for hardware tests, benchmark testing, stress testing for a newly assembled or repaired PC, etc. [ more info ]

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