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Receiving the Product(s) Ordered

When you have completed your order at PayPal, you will see a browser page thanking you for your payment. Note that you have paid Windsor Technologies,Inc., the #1-PC Diagnostics Company's parent company.

IMPORTANT: *** Click on the yellow button bar "Return to Windsor Technologies, Inc." to return to tufftest.com to immediately view and PRINT your product Serial Number(s).

Then go to the #1-TuffTEST Licensed User Area (LUA) Information page at: www.tufftest.com

At the bottom of the LUA Information page, enter your product Serial Number and then click the "Verify Licensed User" button.

The Licensed User Area (LUA)

The #1-TuffTEST Licensed User Area contains all of the download files and instructions to make a Licensed copy of product licensed in the format needed as well as the documentation in ".html" format to be viewed or printed from your browser while at the Licensed User Area or to be downloaded for viewing or printing from your browser at a later time.

Multiple Licenses

Each user of the Product must have a product license. The Licensee can use the Product on an unlimited number of PCs.