#1-TuffTEST™ for Windows

Product Description

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#1-TuffTEST for Windows is a 32-bit native application that is a comprehensive system analysis utility that helps you diagnose problems on PCs running Microsoft Windows operating systems. It tests almost every PC component and singles out faulty areas.

#1-TuffTEST for Windows provides a tabbed property sheet display that summarizes the overall performance of every component on your PC, including your computer's processor, memory, audio & video cards, modem, graphics display, hard disk, floppy drive, and CD-ROM drive

#1-TuffTEST for Windows Modules

Stress Test

The Stress Test rigorously evaluates your entire system's stability under Windows. It can be scripted to run the test modules sequentially, or concurrently, and can also be set up to stop or continue on any error that arises.

Passing an overnight Stress Test with no errors reported would indicate that a PC is in very stable condition. Running the Stress Test periodically on your PC would ensure that system components operate properly and help prevent adverse situations from occurring in the future such as system crashes and/or data losses.

The Stress Test is also used extensively by OEMs, system builders, technicians and end-users to do a burn-in test on a newly assembled or repaired PC.


The Benchmarks test is designed to test and evaluate a PC’s performance under a Windows environment. Five major system components are tested and compared to a reference system. The Benchmarks test will run all enabled modules consecutively to evaluate the performance of each individual component.